Indoor Studio photography session.

For our indoor studio photography session there isno booking fees.The full amount of the chosen packages needs to besettled on the date of the photo shoot.No photographs / film footage / other products orservices will be delivered until 100% oftotal balance has been settled in full.Payment for additional products and services are tobe made in full at the time of ordering.(i.e. photo prints, photo books, canvas prints, frames,retouching, etc)

Outdoor or Commercial Photography.

Summary: 50% advance; 50% on or before time of photoshoot.

While booking you are to pay an upfront advance ofat least 50% of the total charges,

This serves as a booking fee of 50% credit toward the total cost of outdoor or commercial photography packages, and this secures the time and service of QUICK PHOTO STUDIO crew.

Booking fees are non-refundable and can only be usedto book another session provided are given at least 2 working days notice to our official email

Transfers can be made to other services or products of the same amount within 12 months of the original booking date

.Once a rescheduling has been made, further re-schedulingand / or amendment for the booking is not allowed.

The remaining amount needs to be settled on or before the date of the photo shoot.

No photographs / film footage / other products or services will be delivered until 100% of total balance has been settled in full.

Payment for additional products and services are to be made in full at the time of ordering.(i.e. photo prints, photo books, canvas prints, frames,retouching, etc)

Summary: 50% advance >> Confirmation email received>> Client pays 50% on or before time of photo shoot >> receipt provided.

CONFIRMATION:Clients will receive a confirmation receipt upon payment of booking fees.

This email confirms the booking with QUICK PHOTO STUDIO and hard copy printed receipts will be provided the day of the photo shoot upon full payment.

Any verbal communication DOES NOT guarantee a booking.


Client is responsible to provide a strong and stable internet connection at the venue to avoid any stuttering or glitches in the live stream. Minimum recommended speed of 20MBPS.

100% payment prior to event start has to be paid.

If client account has to be used, Quick photo team must be provided with account details no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the event with all relevant subscriptions added to it.


Cancellation charges are as follows and are strictly applied.

Cancellation within specified number of days / hours stated below, prior to the scheduled shoot, will incur a cancellation fee of a percentage of the total amount due for booked services;

Specific timing and associated cancellation charges as as follows and are strictly applied:

a. 3 days: 30%;

b. 48 hours: 50%;

c. 24 hours: 75%;

d. less than 24 hours: 100%.

Postponement charges are identical to the cancellation fees detailed above. In addition to this cancellation fee, the client will be charged for any expenses already incurred by QuickPhoto for preparation and previously agreed by client(i.e. props, etc).


At this time, there are no refunds or returns of products or services rendered in print or electronic format.

No exception can be made as we can not be held responsible for individual tastes or preferences.

However, we reserve the right that at our sole discretion we may allow clients to use the advance amount against future bookings or orders products or services.


Prior to the beginning of a session, or product order,a final list of deliverables will be agreed upon between the client and QUICK PHOTO STUDIO

Any changes to the final list of deliverables needs to be requested prior to starting the editing/printing/post production service and may incuradditional costs.


Shipping within the United Arab Emirates:

a. QUICK PHOTO STUDIO offers Shipping to all customers within UAE for 50 Dirhams.

b. Delivery service is provided within the Major City limits. Any territory beyond the city limits will fall outside the delivery parameter. In such cases, we would kindly request you to arrange a pickup of your orders from an alternate location or from our Office.


QUICK PHOTO STUDIO retains client files for up to 3 months after a session.

In case a client requires the footage/imagery after 3 months, we may or may not be able to provide the footage from any backup.

If available, archived images may be available at an extra cost of 500 AED.


Requests for any additional prints, enlargements,canvas prints, digital files or other services and products must be paid in full at the time of ordering.

Once the booking has been confirmed by both parties and is in process, changes and refunds are not permitted.


QUICK PHOTO STUDIO respects the privacy of its clients.

The data we collect including personal data, images, video, contact information are kept in secure systems and will not be sold or disclosed to a third party without client’s prior written approval.


QUICK PHOTO STUDIO reserves the right to amend, deferor cancel the above terms in part or in full any time with or without prior notice.